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Fear the Walking Dead

<p></p><p>Shanola Hampton, <em style="">Shameless</em></p> Fear the Walking Dead "Blackjack" Exclusive Clip: Morgan's Shovel Staff In "Blackjack," the thirteenth episode of Fear the Walking Dead 's fourth season, Morgan's ( Lennie James ) past will come back to haunt him. Right now, Morgan cares about his companions and wants to make sure everyone survives the trip east. But Morgan is like this now because at other times he's been a heartless killing machine, and that's an identity he wants to put behind him. Unfortunately, he might not be able to forever, and somehow the mysterious "Filthy Woman" ( Tonya Pinkins ) who's circling our survivors knows that. This clip picks up shortly after the Filthy Woman said on the walkie that she "knows what Morgan is capable of." Morgan's new traveling companions Jim ( Aaron Stanford ), Sarah ( Mo Collins ) and Wendell ( Daryl Mitchell ) want to know what she meant by that, considering they're following his lead and sharing a crowded tractor trailer with him. "I've got some things I gotta make up for," he says. "Same as anybody else here." Morgan's violent past follows him like a wolf . But Sarah isn't convinced, and she's ready to get stabby if she feels she can't trust Morgan. But on the other hand, Morgan has a shovel and he knows how to use it. He may have lost his bstaff, but he can make do with other stuff. Last time it was a road sign, and this time it's a digging implement.

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CupcakKe Ups the Ante in 'Blackjack'

Related | CupcakKe is Her Best, Messiest, NSFW Self in 'Hot Pockets' A steamy bedroom romp with completely naked men, mysterious bristling cats, and dripping... liquids, the video for "Blackjack" is CupcakKe's wildest to date. The song, a nod to her 21st birthday, features brilliant one-liners like "Stomach like a beauty salon/ Cause I swallow every pubic hair shed" or "The dick like Ariana ponytail / Cause I swear that shit was the longest" will be stuck in your head for days (but under no circumstances should be absentmindedly mumbled aloud in public). Directed by Elliot Sellers, CupcakKe's charismatic persona shines through as the rightful center of attention. The third in a line of singles following her critically-acclaimed album Ephorize , "Blackjack" continues to up the ante for the young rapper. Watch the very very NSFW official video, below:

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